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Installation Instructions

  • Download the solution and save it on your local machine.
  • Login to your CRM system and go to Settings > Solutions.
  • Click On 'Import' button and browse to the solution downloaded in step 1 and click 'Next'. 
  • Tick the box as shown below and then Import.         
  • Close the Window on Completion.

How to Update Paging Limit

  • Login to CRM and go to Settings > Security > Users.
  • Select the User from list and 'Start Dialog'.


  • On New Window Select the dialog called 'Update Paging Limit' and run. It will open a new window.
  • Enter the Paging limit you want to set and click next. By default it is set to maximum value.
  • On next page click on 'Finish' to close the dialog. 

Now to verify go to Accounts or Contacts to check your Paging Limit.  

For more details please have look at How to increase User's Paging Limit in Dynamics CRM

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